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edens-blog asked:

Also do you know what feminism is? The belief that all genders should be equal. Honestly I'm really entertained by your stupidity and I'm not going to ask you to change because its fucking hilarious how much of an idiot you are.



So much equality you got there

This is feminist discourse:

Anti-feminist: cites data, studies and statistics

Feminist: “IDIOT!”

Feminist: claims total victory.




Feminists are the ones who really feel entitled to women, look at how they act when they can’t have one.

That’s some bullshit logic right there. Frankly, I question why ANYBODY wouldn’t support equality (and of course why people would co-opt equality movements to…

Bullshit logic you say. Equality you say.

Here’s the feminist version of equality for you:

That’s some equality right there. Am I right?

What’s that smell? Why, it’s the smell of bullshit, only it ain’t coming from the OP. Better check your pants, dude.

*facepalm* So this bitch came into my askbox spewing nonsense, so I sent her links to my pages [ x x x x ] and you know how much shit is on them right?

She responds less than five minutes later and said “All your sources are opinion based”. She literally did not click them. Literally, she didnt even have enough time to read one of the shortest pages without even clicking the links.

So I point that out to her. And she just tells me Im not making a critical argument. And I told her my argument was in the links if she bothered to read them so she read just the very first line of this page and I called her out on it and she just sent me this. Lord my head.

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