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I clearly gave many of you a fucking aneurism and just as many others a broken heart. In any case, I knew it was a mistake to check up and try and keep why-we-dont-need-feminism running as that does not require debate. Instead of finding submissions and hate mail (that would be ignored and deleted) I found a great many messages like this.

That being said I suppose I owe many of you an explanation of sorts. Many people asked me whether or not this was permanent or a hiatus and I neglected to answer them because the truth is at this point I dont know.

I’m going through some stuff in my personal life right now. I’m going to be fully honest with you right now. I had the blade to my wrist. Something stopped me, I saw something in my room, something personal which I will not share. But it made me stop and think.

I am suffering. I am. Believe it or not the burden I put on myself becoming the voice of reason for you guys has become strong and heavy. Its added to my burden of my REAL life and thats not ok. I’m going through difficult times in my life, I’m working myself into a sickness and I have to start college soon. That burden plus the death threats and harassment I have been receiving on this blog was pushing me further and further towards the edge and away from sanity.

I was changing. I was becoming narcissistic. Anyone remember the anon who refused to believe I was a woman and I made a video in response? One of my IRL friends saw it and he said it was weird hearing me talk like that, that I usually did not speak in such a condescending way. I didnt understand. I was not being condescending…was I? Then it hit me.. I was. I had become a condescending narcissist. I couldnt have that, that was the opposite of who I really am. I was changing and I did not like it.

Thats why I left. I removed all traced of my identity from this blog (other than posts which i left) and vanished without a goodbye or a reason why. And for that I do apologize.

For those who wish to follow me, in the link below I will put places you can find me if you so wish. But I will ask that you do me one kindness. Do not ask for my help or opinion with anything social justice related. Anything you need is on my blog. If its not, ask someone else. If that doesnt work, look for it yourself. I’m no longer open to help people… for now.

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